Two RPG events that should be happening regularly in every town

First, the Tucson Gamemasters’ Conference. More or less speaks for itself.

Then, the weekly Dungeons and Divas game at Guardian Games here in Portland. An article ran on this in one of the local alternative weeklies, and that on its own is interesting both as a barometer of perceptions of D&D as well as of what is perceived as cultural progress for it.


  1. I agree — those sorts of things ought to take place, for the benefits of gamer. I attended the GMs conference and walked away with a lot of great ideas that I will definitely use. Beyond that, the 30-some people there made for great discussion and some networking, too. We’ve got a pretty vibrant gaming community here in Tucson, but we’re still a smaller city – if we can do it, you can, too.

  2. If you guys hear anything about them putting up the recording mentioned in the thread, please let us know 🙂 (for the gm con)

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