This just in from 5:00 on Thursday at Gen Con 2009

Here’s the show, here’s your notes:

  • The Diana Jones Award.
  • Catalyst has the old WizKids booth spot, right by the entrance. From a polished toy manufacturer to punks in kilts with BattleTech pods: I can get behind that.
  • Hero doesn’t have the 6th Edition books yet, so you can preorder and walk away with a PDF on CD. Turns out that’s easier to get in your suitcase.
  • Champions Online will be out on September 1st.
  • We live to serve, fellas, but as far as the Podcaster Meet & Greet, I can’t figure out where the Safehouse is supposed to be. Unless you’re supposed to go to Milwaukee. Sorry.
  • Cubicle 7 has Starblazer Adventures, of course, and some Doctor Who promo thing of unspecified nature.
  • Gamescience: precise dice.
  • Geek Chic furnishers and their rico-suave new joint, the Emissary. The Sultan is still available as well.
  • The Palomino restaurant.
  • Eclipse Phase.
  • A couple of Hero 6 supplements already out: the Hero Edition of The Day After Ragnarok (not finding a link on it at Atomic Overmind, but it’s at the Atari/Cryptic Hero booth), and the awesomely named War of Worldcraft.

If you’re new to OgreCave: hi. We normally just run photos of people with greenish skin, but we’re covering this game stuff as a favor to Ryan. The guy up in the corner has a sword and armor because, uh, budget concerns.

Allan’ll have your back tomorrow morning. Sleep tight!


  1. Wait, I literally just noticed: that dude up in the corner? That’s not armor! Dude, that guy is a goner!

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