This just in from This Just In From Gen Con 2009

Once again it’s on: Ryan Macklin is re-attempting his mildly insane project of podcasting semi-live from Gen Con, and we’re doing his show notes semi-officially this time. For the Thursday 11am show:

There it is, or as much of it as I wrote down, anyway. If you’re new to OgreCave: hi. No, we aren’t just a podcast. Yes, we still do the podcast (podcasts, even). You should follow us on Twitter. We like you and think you’re special.


  1. Well, I’ve been waiting for (and had on preorder) On the Brink for months now. I’ll be very happy to get that. And I must have Rough Magicks.

    I remember seeing some early footage from Midnight Chronicles a few years back at Gen Con. I’ll be interested to see if it turned out any good or not. Heck, even if it’s lousy, Sci-F… err… SyFy Channel (gag!) will probably pay FFG some cash to show it.

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