Pathfinder SRD available at launch

Remember all the waiting for a certain 4e game license? Paizo Publishing’s not taking that route. Instead, when the Pathfinder Core Rulebook went on sale yesterday at Gen Con and online, Paizo posted the Pathfinder RPG Reference Document. Please note the apparent cut-and-paste of a certain Open License version 1.0a. To complete the siren call to disenfranchised 3.5 gamers, Paizo has also posted a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Conversion Guide, providing a guide for updating existing campaigns to the Pathfinder system. There’s no denying it now – this is serious competition for D&D. It just needs the name recognition, which will be tricky.

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  1. Hey – Just wanted to let you know (in case you didn’t already) that there is a completely fan-made and maintained Pathfinder SRD site at I include all of the monsters from the Preview and Bonus Bestiaries (which are not in the official PRD from Paizo) as well as maintaining the look and feel of the original I also have a search feature that the Paizo PRD does not have not to mention I host a downloadable version of the site for offline browsing, all 100% free. I’m also looking for more help on the site so if any of your readers would like to help just shoot me an email at Thanks!

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