NECA Buys WizKids, Clix, and Pirates Properties

The National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc. (NECA) website reports that NECA has purchased the majority of the assets of WizKids, Inc. from The Topps Company, Inc., including the award-winning Clix family of games, which includes HeroClix, ActionClix, HorrorClix and SportsClix. NECA will also acquire the WizKids brand, the Pocketmodel Game family of games, including the Pirates of the Crimson Coast, Pirates of the Spanish Main and Pirates of the Cursed Seas games, and the Mage Knight line of games. NECA reports that it will continue the successful HeroClix product line with licensing agreements from DC Comics and Marvel.


  1. James do you know if the last Heroclix set that Wizkids was preparing had finished being sculpted? If so, the first set might be in the can, and changes might not come until later.

  2. My FLGS has already been solicited for orders of the next set, which is apparently the long-awaited Thor-themed set. I suspect the product has been sitting in a warehouse for a while.

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