Warhammer Invasion will LCG you so hard, spit’ll fly outta your mouth

October 1st, 2009: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Warhammer Invasion will LCG you so hard, spit’ll fly outta your mouth

If you follow us on Twitter you already know I find the new Warhammer Invasion card game quite pleasing. I didn’t say why, however: basically it’s a non-collectible card game that delivers cracking good basic CCG play with some innovations around things that old-timers like me take for granted (like when to apply damage). You needn’t fear the sometimes-odd way that GW presents Warhammer content – it’s presented here in what amounts to FFG house style and is a very approachable intro to WH fantasy stuff. Also, all the promo FFG’s been doing calls it a two-player game, but our three-player game was great (although longer than the two-player, which is exceedingly quick and brutal) and I bet four works too.

In a way, Invasion is the first real test of the Living Card Game concept. It hasn’t had a past life in starters and boosters to prime the pump for the boxed version. It’s going to have to live or die on what it is out of that big square box. I guess it’s not much of a surprise that this more controlled and packaged experience plays great.

But then there are those chapter packs, yeah? Or Battle Packs or whatever. Three have been announced already and the core game is still just on its way to stores. And elsewhere it’s announced that these three are just the first half of a cycle of six. Um… guys? Some of us like being off of the new-cards treadmill? The total cost of ownership of the game is still going to be dramatically lower than that of a CCG, but come on. Pace, or the perception thereof, will need to be managed carefully if the LCG concept is going to win back recession-sensitive gamers who look back fondly on CCG-style gameplay.


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