Beware of lurking ninja

Today is the Day of the Ninja, December 5th, and we nearly failed our Spot check. We didn’t manage to get a Games of the Ninja mini-feature put together this year (feel free to check out last year’s page, though), partly because we couldn’t think of any new ninja-related games we’re dying to play. So, here’s the question: if you were to celebrate the stealthy assassins today – and who wouldn’t? – what game(s) would you be throwing down with?


  1. SPANC is back in print, and that’s “ninja” in the title: Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls. Not a new game, tho.

  2. It would depend on how many ninjas I was celebrating with. By far my top ninja choice is Okko, but it’s only for 2 players. If more than 2 ninjas made their presence known, we’d bust out Samurai Swords [Shogun] and be up until 5 AM finishing a single turn.

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