Free RPG Day 2010 is here!

If you missed our interview from KublaCon, you didn’t hear Aldo Ghiozzi of Impressions talk about today – that is, Free RPG Day ’10. Yes, it’s today. Hopefully, you’re at a participating store right now, or you soon will be. If not, listen to our interview, try not to weep over the fun and freebies you’re missing, and if we hear of any other free goodies today you can take advantage of, we’ll post ’em here.


  1. It was cool around here. One store that didn’t do it because they dropped the ball and the other that did kinda forgot about it and dropped the ball so no games were run. I almost ran one.

  2. Multiple stores in my area (across the bay from SF) always participate, but I didn’t hear much about organized games. However, 30 minutes away at Black Diamond Games, there was a *very* active game day to celebrate the event. It seems entirely possible to plan out your level of commitment to the event – from just stopping in for free stuff, up to reserving a spot in a special convention-style game session and spending all day with like-minded gamers.

  3. I think next year I’m going to start a game sign up thread on ENWorld so folks can coordinate games. I wonder if Aldo could/would do the same at his site?

  4. FGD in Albuquerque, NM went off very well at our central (and only dedicated) game store, Active Imagination. The store turned it in to a sort of “mini convention” with more than a dozen in-store game events underway throughout the day. I hosted Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu sessions and my wife managed a special session of her painting class followed by a session of the Dark Sun module being handed out. It was a very successful event overall, with a great deal of turnout.

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