Alderac Has a Steady Summer Launch Schedule, Culminating at GenCon

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) has big plans for the gaming industry this summer. They have a strong list of games to be released between now and GenCon. All these products will be available at the AEG booth at GenCon, and there will be demos and scheduled events for their new board and card game products at the show. From Legend of the Five Rings to Mad Zeppelin, AEG has a full gaming plate for the next few months.

[EDIT 7/12/10: some of the releases below have changed due to AEG’s recent arrangement with FFG to take over Dust Games releases. -Allan]

Enemies of the Empire is the first book to follow up the Legend of the Five Rings Fourth Edition Role-Playing Game. The book features many new threats for players, including creatures both natural and fantastic, as well as internal threats such as vast conspiracies and evil blood cults. But the information within is not only for challenging the players, as there are also new races, schools, and more for players to choose from.

Dust Tactics introduces an exciting, alternate vision of WWII, with amazing machines, roughneck grunts, and stalwart commando leaders, each dedicated to the cause, patriots in the war for world domination. In the box you’ll find two complete armies (36 figures total, in two different colors). They are ready to play right from the box. The game comes with a scenario booklet and a modular board to enhance replay value.

AEG’s fantasy deck-building game Thunderstone will see an expansion with Wrath of the Elements. The set features four new heroes, six new monsters, two categories of traps, and many new village cards. The set also features card-type dividers and an attractive, durable card box that’s large enough to hold both Wrath of the Elements and classic Thunderstone.

Rackham Entertainment and AEG will join forces to launch Cadwallon: City of Thieves this summer. You play gang members in a thieves’ guild trying to lighten the financial excess of fat merchants. You must avoid the city’s militiamen and the members of other competing gangs, who are just as happy to steal from you as from the merchants. This game features 20 miniatures and six different scenarios to choose from.

Mad Zeppelin is a collaboration between AEG and Dust Games. It’s 1890, at the height of the industrial revolution. The Great Empire is about to take delivery of many secret crates from its colonies. These crates contain all the Emperor needs to strengthen his rule on the Empire: steel, coal, ore, and above all: gold! For security reasons, the Emperor himself has hand-picked the crew of the Nostria, one of the armored Zeppelins of the imperial fleet. However, neighbouring nations are organizing the resistance, and traitors, controlled by the players, are secretly boarding the airship to thwart the Emperor’s plans.

Check out all of these and other AEG gaming products at GenCon 2010.

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