2010 Diana Jones Award shortlist announced

It’s that time of year again: Gen Con draws ever closer, heralding the announcement of the Diana Jones Award and its shortlist for 2010. Each year, this independent award is bestowed on prime examples of “excellence in gaming” by the Diana Jones Committee (made up of past winners and other luminaries). The nominees are an interesting group, and are described thusly:

  • BoardGameGeek, a website edited by Scott Alden and Derk Solko
  • Chaos in the Old World, a boardgame by Eric Lang, published by Fantasy Flight Games
  • Kagematsu, a role-playing game by Danielle Lewon, published by Cream Alien Games
  • Montsegur 1244, a role-playing game by Frederik Jensen, published by Thoughtful Games

Follow this link for more details on what brought these four nominees to the committee’s attention. As always, the winner of the 2010 Diana Jones Award will be announced on the evening before Gen Con Indy gets started at the Diana Jones Award and Freelancer Party in downtown Indianapolis.

[Update: The votes are in, and the winner has been announced!]

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