This just in from This Just In From Gen Con, Sat 5 PM

As Day 3 of the “Best Four Days in Gaming” winds down, we’ve got your show notes for the Saturday 5 pm TJI show. Guests Adam Jury and E Foley (aka @geeksdreamgirl) join hosts Ryan and Kevin for the Saturday evening show.

  • @geeksdreamgirl ran multiple dating events at the show, while Adam and Eclipse Phase managed to snatch away a few silver and the gold for Best Writing at the Paizo Awards ENnies last night. (See the winner list here.)
  • The costume parade forces Ryan to make a hard choice. Everything from stormtroopers in kilts to walking tetris blocks was represented.
  • In case you forgot, Eclipse Phase is under the Creative Commons license. Rules remix, people!
  • More about geek dating events, including speed dating at Gen Con Indy. On the other hand, some guys just need to be slapped silly for honking what isn’t theirs.
  • The fit4gencon movement.
  • A little social pressure is applied to… um, us at Don’t worry, Ryan, we’re working on the podcast. Expect the OgreCave Audio Report 2.0 soon!
  • Hosts and guests all want an adult-sized LEGO bounce house.
  • DC Adventures: “freakin’ gorgeous”.
  • Praise for Twitter, and the gaming community therein.
  • Stupid Ranger and the Roleplaying Therapy for the Severely Disturbed event.
  • Ryan manages the most spectacular segue ever – with urine.
  • A parting shout-out to Campaign Coins.

One show left, midday Sunday – pardon me, “Day 4”. Check back tomorrow!

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