Days of Wonder to Release Two More Small World Expansions

Days of Wonder has announced two more expansions for its award-winning game Small World. The first, Be Not Afraid… includes all you need to play five new Races including Barbarians, Homunculi, Pixies, Pygmies, and greedy little Leprechauns. It also comes with five new Special Powers: Barricade, Catapult, Corrupt, Imperial and Mercenary. The product will feature a new storage tray solution that fits the tokens of all existing Small World expansions in a single, easy to sort, easy to access, container. The suggested retail price of the product is $20.00.

The other expansion for Small World that’s shipping soon is Necromancer Island. The dreadful Necromancer captures the souls of all Race tokens lost to conquests, using them to spawn Ghosts who invade surrounding regions. To win, the Necromancer must bring all of his Ghosts into play before the game’s end. The remaining players must not only contain him, but also continue to conquer lands and earn victory coins in an effort to defeat each other and claim victory. Visitors to the Days of Wonder booth at both Essen Spiel in October; or BoardGameGeek.CON in November will also be able to pick up a copy of Necromancer Island. In addition a free copy of Necromancer Island will automatically be added to any pre-orders for the Be Not Afraid… expansion in the Days of Wonder webstore.

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