Smugglers Unite! Days of Wonder Announces Cargo Noir Game

Days of Wonder has announced Cargo Noir, a new big box board game created by Serge Laget. Cargo Noir is a game where players play the role of smugglers in a 1950’s film noir universe. Contraband is stolen, amassed, and later traded for a profit. The game will seat from two to five players. Designer Serge Laget focused on “finding a theme that would be evocative with a feel that is very different from most other auction or trading games – a Sheep for two Woods it ain’t!” Laget is a “go to” designer at Days of Wonder; he has co-designed a number of past Days of Wonder releases such as Mystery of the Abbey, Mystery Express, and Shadows Over Camelot. Days of Wonder has produced a series of videos to promote Cargo Noir.

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