A few Kickstarters to kick at

These days, everyone’s trying to fund their game projects with Kickstarter. Heck, it’s the hottest topic of discussion on the convention seminar circuit: take your project to the masses and let them decide if you’ll be able to publish it. Well, masses – here’s a few items that have come up on our radar:

  • Metamorphosis Alpha Roleplaying Game by Signal Fire Studios. Though we originally heard MA would return as a D&D4E setting, the new plan is to release a standalone 160-page RPG to relaunch the classic property. With 17 days left, this project is almost 50% of the way toward its $10k goal, so if you’re interested, check it out.
  • Got It! by Tom Jolly: a fun, sometimes frantic math game he’s trying to get back in print. We reviewed it here a while back. Got It! is nearly 30% funded with 24 days left, and with a modest goal of $3k, we’re hoping it succeeds.
  • Zpocalypse: An Epic Zombie Survival Board Game by Greenbrier Games. This detailed board game will have plastic figures, an interchangeable board, and is already nearly 400% funded! Jump in if you want to lend a hand (or get some backer rewards).
  • Dwimmermount: An Old School Fantasy RPG Megadungeon by James Maliszewski. Already 350% funded, backers of this epic dungeon crawl are continuing to unlock designer notes, an additional level to explore, and more. The challenging dungeon, long hinted at on Grognardia, will be available in versions compatible with Labyrinth Lord or the Adventurer Conqueror King System, both descended from the original fantasy RPG. This drive ends this weekend, so if you want in, climb aboard now.


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