Gaming News Update podcast – Zombiesmith (DunDraCon 2013)

OgreCave newscasterToday we’re taking a look back at DunDraCon 2013, where far too much gaming pleasure was had by everyone who attended. Firstly, we have a Gaming News Update interview with Josh Qualtieri of Zombiesmith. It had been a while since we last caught up with Josh, so the conversation ranges from This Quar’s War and where the game is going next, to Kickstarter and why it isn’t always necessary, to the upcoming War of Ashes game and its factions – some already available to prep for combat. Have a listen, and tell us what you think.

DunDraCon 2013We’ve also posted a DunDraCon 2013 image gallery on our Facebook page, so be sure to take a look through and comment, if so inclined. If you become a fan of OgreCave while you’re there, in order to hear about everything we’re up to, that’s even better.

Other podcastery will be afoot soon, so keep an eye on our podcasts page for more info as it materializes.

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