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September 28, 2007 - Brendan LaSalle and the XCrawl Fiction Contest

Allan, Mike, and kua-toa Steve Kani get into a bit of Halo 3 discussion, before getting to the business at hand: Allan and Mike talking with Brendan LaSalle of Pandahead Productions. The full interview is on our Interviews page, but for the show we cut it down to focus on the Xcrawl Fiction Writing Contest just announced by Pandahead and publisher Goodman Games. Listen in, and hear how to sway the judges (us!).

Also discussed: the aforementioned video game that came out, and various spin-offs thereof. Allan goes slightly overboard with the music. You’ll see.

We give some quick thoughts on several other games along the way, including Halo ActionClix (7:10); Dragons of Kir (33:00); Three-Dragon Ante (35:40); Wordsweep (36:30); Alhambra Dice (37:05); Tannhäuser (38:30); Ubongo (41:00), the Wii game Boogie (43:10), and others. (ThunderRoad!)

Comments here, and don’t forget to check out the full interview with Brendan LaSalle.

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