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April 27, 2008 - GTS hangover with Goodman and Paizo

With Mike, Allan, Steve (in the Paizo interview), and special guest Joseph Goodman of Goodman Games.

We launch right into hearing what Joseph learned in his meeting with Wizards of the Coast about D&D4e plans and problems. (0:50) Apparently, merely defining the current boundaries of the OGL has proven rather troublesome. At (11:25) we give our first, ultra-preliminary impressions of the 4th Edition books shown off at GTS last week. In addition, Joseph and I both heard a rumor that WotC won’t be at Gen Con Indy (15:20), but that seems unlikely… we hope.

At (16:10) we stray into random goodies seen at the show (which we’ll do more of next show as well). A little Star Wars Miniatures Game talk, a mention of the Song of Ice and Fire RPG, and a tease of an upcoming licensed fantasy RPG from Goodman Games. Allan goes down the list of Fantasy Flight Games highlights (17:30) – the Gears of War Boardgame, the Anima RPG (soon. No, really.), starters of Mutant Chronicles CMG, figures from Dust: Tactics, and others.

Mike mentions Spirit of the Season from Evil Hat Productions (21:00). Talk of Hunter: the Vigil follows, but instantly becomes discussion of the recent White Wolf Player’s Handbook for Exalted trade-in promotion. (22:08)

Then at (24:30) we play our GTS ’08 interview with Erik Mona of Paizo Publishing. Allan and Steve talk with Erik a bit about recent WotC announcements, then hear about Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG, which is poised to become “the bedrock for the Open Game movement”. (30:10) We also hear about the immense Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting and the Second Darkness Campaign Path, both coming in August. (32:20) Erik tells us the origin story of Yetisberg, then mentions the fiction anthology Worlds of Their Own; an organized play program called, fittingly, the Pathfinder Society; and Falling: Goblin Edition. (33:24) After talking of the many potential entry points to the Pathfinder line, Erik mentions how the loss of the Dragon and Dungeon licenses hasn’t turned out that badly for Paizo, after all. (37:30)

After the interview, we get into the meat of Goodman Games’ upcoming releases (42:40) – an upgrade to the Dungeon Crawl Classics look-&-feel, a Free RPG Day giveaway, a massive online map, some new partnerships, a line of “high-end dungeons”, and more. Then Joseph is cool enough to let OgreCave post previews of the cover art from the first three 4th Edition compatible Dungeon Crawl Classics modules. Click through to enjoy the splendor.

Finally, we get into Currently Playing (51:18) – Joseph played Star Wars Miniatures, and at (52:30) Mike played Bliss Stage and Dragons of Kir. At (53:20) Allan tried AE-WWII from Darkson Designs at the show, looked at Valley Games’ Titan, Upper Deck’s World of Warcraft CMG, Privateer Press’ Monsterpocalypse, and regurgitated everything else he could think of here and here.

Thanks to Erik Mona of Paizo Publishing for sitting down with us at GTS, and to Joseph Goodman for coming on the show despite a nasty case of Con Crud. Next show, Steve will lend his thoughts on GTS ‘08 to give us a retailer POV, and we’ll discuss other things from the show. File all comments here.

Note: today’s EN World post sheds even more light on the impending 4th Edition GSL situation.

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