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Unplugged-gaming rants and raves with the OgreCave staff

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June 14, 2008 - Free RPG Day looms ever closer

With Mike and Allan.

We’re joined this show by special guest Aldo Ghiozzi of Impressions Advertising & Marketing, the company behind Free RPG Day (coming up June 21st). We ask how the event has changed for its second year, and what to expect. (1:02) Aldo tells us about specific goodies to look for that a wide range of game companies have offered up. (6:27) At (9:55) we talk a bit about the event’s international angle this year, and at (15:38) we try to make Aldo cry by bringing up the thought of customizable Free RPG Day product boxes for retailers.

Mike asks the D&D 4e question, and Aldo gives his preliminary thoughts. (22:05) We also hit him up for his Currently Playing summary, where we heard about the Red Dragon Inn sequel by Slugfest Games, and Senji by Asmodeé. (25:07) A discussion of climbing game prices ensues, and the reasons they aren’t likely to come down soon. (26:47) It all comes back around to supporting retail stores with promo events like Free RPG Day, a great note to end on.

Get out to your local participating store for Free RPG Day 2008 this coming Saturday, June 21st! Thanks to Aldo Ghiozzi for coming by and giving us the scoop on this year’s event. Be sure to place all comments over here.

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