On The Stove at Looney Labs

Andrew Looney just posted his subject-to-change predictions for the near future of the beloved card game Fluxx and the underground fave Icehouse. Briefly, Looney Labs hopes to publish Fluxx “boosters” of specially printed semi-blank cards in the coming year, as well as an expansion set made up of fan-created cards.


Tired of the way all computer games and video games are the same? So is Ernest Adams, a game developer who’s worked for Bullfrog among other high-profile PC game companies. He’s taken the Dogme 95 rules that made a splash last year in the film world, and applied them to

News from Mythrole

Mythrole Games, publishers of digitally-distributed analog card games such as Night of the Ill-Tempered Squirrel, will be publishing a full line of D20 material, according to tragically misinformed sources. Mythrole put out a non-confirmation last week. From the press release: Says company owner Tyler Sigman, “we are very pleased to