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"Borrow the Car" Car Wars contest

"Borrow The Car" Car Wars contest on OgreCave.com

Steve Jackson Games is working together with the cave dwellers of OgreCave to bring you a chance at glory.

Take a moment to imagine you're a teenager, new driver's license burning a hole in your pocket. Imagine seeing your dream car, a fully-armored, lightning-fast machine of destruction, twin guns mounted to either side of the rocket launcher. Imagine wanting to take the wheel, to tear up the desolate roads of your post-apocalyptic hometown, gunning down any vehicle foolish enough to be in your lane or leave its blinker on.

Now imagine the dream car belongs to your dad, and you want to borrow it.

In 100 words or less, tell us what you'd tell good old dad to get him to hand over the keys. Pitch your case to us at borrowthecar @ ogrecave.com (only one attempt per email address, or you won't even be allowed in the driveway). We'll reprint the best responses on OgreCave as part of our big Car Wars feature, and the one we like best will receive the main prize: a complete set of the first nine books for the new Fifth Edition of Car Wars by Steve Jackson Games. The winner will get the prize hot off the presses. Heck, six of the books won't even be in stores yet!

So what are you waiting for? Be original, be entertaining, be ruthless... but be quick, 'cause after 12 midnight (PST) on March 31, we'll go over all the entries and pick our one true road warrior. So pull on your driving gloves and get to typing!

All entries submitted become property of OgreCave.com, and submitting an entry constitutes acceptance of these terms. Entries may be reprinted on OgreCave for entertainment purposes. Only one entry per email address.

Car Wars is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games.


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