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News Item - Letter regarding Camarilla court case

Shea Porr, President of the Camarilla, Feb 5, 2002
Sent to the membership of the Camarilla via e-mail

Good evening, I wanted to give you an update on the situation with White Wolf. As of the hearing today: The judge has granted White Wolf's request that the hearing be moved to Georgia based on two points: 1) more witnesses are liable to be called in from Atlanta than Utah, and 2) the Olympics will unfairly delay a decision in this case.

The judge noted that White Wolf may have merit in their claim that this organization is bound by the 1994 agreement, in particular with respect to the name The Camarilla. His logic is based on the fact that 1) we acknowledge WW's trademark to The Camarilla in most of our documentation, and 2) as we were moving for a name change, he feels this also supports our acknowledgement of their claim. As such, the TRO has been removed as the judge apparently does not feel that WW's movement on a club called The Camarilla will be detrimental to us for the above reasons.

The Board has discussed the issue and has decided at this time we cannot, in good conscience, spend any more of the club's money on this endeavor. We will be approaching White Wolf within the next couple days to discuss the situation and ascertain where they stand in regards to their indication that they desired a smooth transition. We will have more for you as things develop.

Thank you, Shea

Shea Porr, 9509-075
The Camarilla (r)


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