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News Item - Notice from Precedence Entertainment

A message from Paul Brown, President:

Effective April 12th 2002, Precedence Entertainment will be closing its doors and ceasing the production of all future product releases. All remaining employees have been discharged effective March 8th. A volunteer core will remain to finish administrative affairs and to host a liquidation sale that will be held from March 13th until April 12th.

The liquidation sale will comprise all remaining in-stock merchandise of all games that Precedence has ever produced, at a flat 60% off the suggested retail price. This liquidation sale is open to distributors, retailers and the general public. All orders not received by the end of the day on the 12th of April will not be honored. The customer will be responsible for all shipping and no credit terms will be extended on this sale. Interested parties should contact support@eternity.com with their request or call (561) 967-4346. Distributors should continue to contact the main business office at (480) 894-1812 Fax 480-894-2028 to place any last orders.

Some standard stock items, may or may not be avaialble during the sell-off due to licensing restrictions. Place your orders and to the extent we can, we will fulfill them.

In addition to standard stock, we are accepting offers on all miscellaneous merchandise such as various singles and sets that we may have within our offices. All interested parties should contact support@eternity.com or (561) 967-4346 with their "wish list" and payment offer and if it is reasonable and we have it, we will ship it. Again, the customer will pay shipping charges.

We are also offering the intellectual property rights to the following game systems to any interested parties: Babylon 5 CCG, Wheel of Time CCG, Tomb Raider CCG, Terminator CCG (these do not include any rights to any material owned by licensors; new owner will need to negotiate necessary license rights to produce and distribute product or may apply the game systems to another universe of their own devising or another license). We also offer the complete Star Legions CMG game system and figures, ready to be shipped for manufacturing. And finally we offer the Precedence tradename as well. Interested parties should contact me at paul@eternity.com or call the main business office at (480) 894-1812 and ask to speak to Paul Brown.

I personally wish the best of future success to all former Precedence employees, many of whom are moving on to pursue other individual projects in the industry. I also hope that all of industry, including the distributors, retailers, magazines, and of course the consumers, have continued success in all their endeavors.

As a final note, I would like to say that neither any of the employees of Precedence (who may go on to work elsewhere in the industry) nor our licensors, including Palladium, bears any responsibility or for this event. As President of the company it was my responsibility to make things work and my decisions that resulted in this outcome.


Paul Brown III
President, Precedence Entertainment


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