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P3 contest on OgreCave.com

P3 contest: Phil's Plethora of PDFs

When prolific game designer Philip J. Reed makes a generous offer, we sit up and take notice. You should too.

Through OgreCave, Phil is offering up a copy of every single PDF he has available right now. This includes the popular D20 PDFs 101 Mundane Treasures and 101 Spellbooks, and dozens more. More than 30 PDF game products, actually.

"Great! I'll take 'em!" you say. Ah, but it's not that simple.

First, you must answer a question. A simple question, that you can find the answer to on Phil's website, www.philipjreed.com. We'll even tell you what the question is, 'cuz we're helpful sorts. Find the answer to this question:

What console game system does Phil Reed use at home?
The answer could be your key to some free gaming goodness.

Head over to Phil's site and partake of all the useful gaming tidbits he's got stashed over there. Should you find the answer we're looking for, email it to P3 @ ogrecave.com along with your contact info (only one attempt per person and email address, please. Extras won't help you). Be sure to send it by midnight PST on August 31 as well, or your entry won't count. One lucky bastard who answers correctly will win all of Phil's currently available PDFs.

So go on, get out of here. Go read Phil's site, find cool reviews, game add-on rules, and of course, the PDFs. And hunt for the contest-winning answer, so that maybe, just maybe, you'll take Phil for all the PDFs he's worth.


And the Winner Is...
We've randomly selected our winner, who got the correct response of "X-Box" (geez, people, Phil talks about MechAssault on a regular basis; if you didn't find the answer, you just weren't trying). And the winner of our P3 contest is... (*cue drumroll*) Adam Ness. Congrats, Adam!

Thanks to everyone who hopped on the contest bandwagon to try their luck, and special thanks to Phil Reed for ponying up the prize in the first place.


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