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The Zombies Are Coming

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

The first half of 2010 seems to herald the oncoming zombie plague. Flying Frog Productions has released three expansions for their popular Last Night on Earth game as well as reprinting their base game. Lock ‘n Load has fought past a variety of production problems to release All Things Zombie: The Boardgame, a tactical boardgame based on the popular ATZ wargame. Zombie State Games will soon release Zombie State: Diplomacy of the Dead, a strategic-level area control game where world leaders try to protect their populations against the zombie apocalypse. Steve Jackson Games is coming out with Zombie Dice, a nice “press your luck” dice game filler. Twilight Creations is releasing Zombies!!! 9: Ashes to Ashes, an expansion for their popular zombie game allowing you to investigate a cemetery. Even the popular PopCap PC game Plants vs. Zombies has seen iPhone and iPod Touch releases of that game this year.

Can gamers just not get enough zombies? Or are there too many zombie games for our own good?