Merry Christmas and happy holidays from!

While some of the OgreCave crew have been taking a little time off (call ’em mental health days, call ’em school/divorce/new baby recovery days – whatever), causing us to skip this year’s OgreCave Christmas Gift Guide, longtime Cave Dweller Matthew Pook has scraped together a quick list of gift suggestions

This just in from This Just In From Gen Con, Saturday 11AM 2010

Continuing the TJI adventure: Sandstorm, the new publishers-facilitators-whateverers of Eclipse Phase as well as… Poo. Apocalypse World Steal Away Jordan The D&D “Never Split The Party” contest GlowFly Games, who I think are set to publish Globalization? DC Adventures from Green Ronin. Also Dragon Age and Song of Ice and

This just in from This Just In From Gen Con, Thursday 5PM 2010

Sorry, I was in the bathroom. Here we go! Again, the Adventure Burner and the Parsely Pack. Things We Think About Games, The Bones, and Robin Laws’ Hamlet’s Hit Points. Happy Birthday, Robot! (Note to others who want to see what games will come out of Kickstarter: remember Perfect?