Download Some Racing Action

In the tradition of such fine racing board games as Formula De, Mythrole Games’ design guru Tyler Sigman brings us Rally! The game can be downloaded for a small fee from the Mythrole site. A sneak peek at the rules is also available, to help you make up your mind before purchasing. But would the makers of Night of the Ill-Tempered Squirrel steer you wrong? We think not.

Dark Portal Update
The folks at Dark Portal Games are keeping busy. First, DPG is holding a monster design contest that guarantees the top three submissions to be used in upcoming adventures (plus a nominal fee). Secondly, they will start introducing us to the world of Arekoz soon, with details on the gods, a Prestige Class, and more. DPG plans to keep most of Arekoz open source, inviting contributions to their world… and then there’s this tidbit:

We have gotten permission from Chris Pramas to include Freeport on the map of Arekoz.

We’ll be interested to see how Arekos comes together in the coming months.