Sabertooth Games to Produce Warhammer 40K CCG

Games Workshop has granted Sabertooth Games the rights to produce Collectable Card Games (CCGs) based on the Warhammer 40,000 miniatures wargame. Newcomer Sabertooth Games is led by industry veteran Bob Watts, who has run companies such as Ral Partha, Target/Heartbreaker, and the US Games Workshop division. With his 25+ years in the industry, we expect to see great things from Sabertooth.

Tyranny Acquires Non-Sequitur Productions
Tyranny Games announced their acquisition of Non-Sequitur Productions and its products. Those products include:

  • Of Gods and Men – a fantasy RPG with a critically acclaimed magic system
  • Cults & Conspiracies – secret societies and cults for any fantasy RPG
  • The End – role-playing in “a post biblical apocalypse world”

Head over to Tyranny’s products page for more details.