A Little Clubbing

Wingnut Games announced that their long awaited Land of Og expansion, The Complete Caveman’s Club Book, should be available this May. A 64-page full-color digest, the book adds background and variety to the humorous RPG. Caveman kits are included as well, parodying the “kits” from AD&D: 2nd Edition. The second printing of Land of Og will follow in June, now expanded to 64 pages.

Citizen Games Takes D20 Plunge
With two D20 adventures, The Secret at Greenrock and Castle Dunmere, Citizen Games enters the D&D: Third Edition fray. The Secret at Greenrock has the players investigate a newly discovered cavern near a mining operation, while Castle Dunmere involves a haunted manor and frightened townsfolk. Both adventures will be for character levels 5-7, and are scheduled to release in June.

U of G 2001
If you’re going to be in southern California next weekend, you might want to stop by Games University 2001, a convention where game demos are the main focus. AEG has already posted their schedule for Games U, and the full convention schedule can be found on the con’s webpage.

Squashed What?
Australia based company Squashed Quokka Games has a pair of new role-playing games available for download. The first of these, Pax Terra, is a sci-fi game of interstellar travel and colonization, where “greed is the only prime directive.” The second game is the Generic Card System (GCS), which uses regular playing cards and has rules that fit on one sheet of paper.