Calling All Dorks

Artist and all around great guy John Kovalic has put out a call to fans of his hilarious gaming comic, Dork Tower. John’s looking for your opinion of which Dork Tower strips should be in this summer’s Best of Dork Tower #1, and he’s offering a bribe — er, prize for your participation. Limiting yourself to the first eight issues of the comic, choose the following and email them to Mr. Kovalic:

  • 6 favorite one-page Dork tower strips
  • 2 favorite two-, three- or four-page Dork Tower strips or stories
  • 1 favorite Dork Tower story that’s five pages or longer

Then, on April 15, one entry will be selected at random to receive a complete run of Dork Tower issues 1-13 and a personalized drawing of Carson, Igor and Gilly. A special prize will also be awarded to the entry that comes closest to John’s opinion. ‘Scuse me, I gotta go fish out my back issues.