Panurgic Publishing Resurrects Out-Of-Print Gamebooks

The solitaire gamebook scene has been dead for far too long; apart from some interesting online efforts and a handful of simplistic Choose Your Own Adventure books, almost nothing notable has seen print since the late nineties. Fortunately, Panurgic Publishing, the brainchild of Fighting Fantasy author Paul Mason, has begun publishing a line of “Panurgic Adventures” to breathe new life into the genre.

The first book released is Heart of Ice by Dave Morris, a book previously published in the Virtual Reality Adventures series. This re-release is in an attractive trade paperback format, and it can be ordered from for $17.50 plus shipping. Those wishing to avoid Amazon’s shipping fees can contact Mr. Mason directly and arrange for payment via the PayPal service.

If all goes well, the next releases will be Down Among the Dead Men and Twist of Fate, both from the Virtual Reality Adventures line. After that, a never-before-published book entitled Red Dragon Pass should appear. It may be a while until these releases become available, but OgreCave will keep you up to date!