Survival of the Wettest

The next supplement for Blue Planet v2, Natural Selection, is at the printer and should be in stores and at Fantasy Flight Games by late April. The newest oceanpunk supplement will detail the ecology of the waterworld Poseidon, allowing for more exploration of the wet wilderness.

Preview the Scars
Sword & Sorcery has posted a preview of Ghelspad, the Scarred Lands setting we’ve been hearing so much about. Take a peek, and learn about the cities of Hollowfaust, Mithril, and Fangsfall. You can also download a map of Ghelspad, and try to figure out where the cities are. Fun with cartography!

Old Dungeons Getting Upgrade
In Dungeon Magazine #86, the response to a reader’s letter yielded some encouraging information:

In lieu of a Dungeon Magazine CD-ROM Archive, we are planning to make previously published adventures available for download on our website. … More significantly, these old 1st- and 2nd- Edition adventures have been updated for the 3rd Edition rules!

Scribble a letter to Dungeon now and let them know which adventures should be upgraded for download.