Activity at Pinnacle

Pinnacle has moved into high gear by posting several new tidbits. Among them is a recounting of the first playtest session for the D20 game, Weird Wars. How did the first playtest session go? Well, after a WWII combat against some basic Germans, the PEG playtest team determined that “the D20 system, as expected, just really doesn’t work for realistic horror.” In the next update, changes will be applied, and weird horrors will show their faces.

Centauri Knights Preview
A downloadable of the next supplement for Big Eyes, Small Mouth 2nd Edition is on site. Called Centauri Knights, the supplement will build on the adventure “Red Planets, Blue Helmets” from the BESM sourcebook Big Robots, Cool Starships. After reading of Fog Witches and xenomecha, you can call us cave dwellers Most Interested, Waiting Intently.

Looking at Mystic Eye’s Beasts
The runners up in Mystic Eye Games’ Nightmares and Dreams creature book contest are being posted on their free stuff page. Check out the Weedling, the Blade Snake, and others, and drool in anticipation of the book’s release.