Vampire Man Heading Into Space

A few more tidbits for ya as a birthday gift (my birthday, not yours). Enjoy. 🙂

In an interview over at Games Unplugged, Vampire creator Mark Rein*Hagen speaks briefly about the new game he’s working on with his new company, Atomoton. Called Zero-Gravity (Z-G), the new game is described as “an action-figure trading-card game that can and will morph into an RPG, an animated show, a video-game first-person shooter, a comic book, an Advanced Game Boy game, a novel series, and a secret society.” Whew! Sounds like it will require many trips to the game shop to play Z-G, but color me intrigued.

Observers of the Titles
With the latest class handbook for D&D 3, Defenders of the Faith, arriving in stores tomorrow, Priests and Paladins will be covered. After Defenders, the next handbook will be Tome and Blood (for Wizards and Sorcerers) in June, followed by Song and Silence (Bards and Thieves) in December. So what will the others be? Well, we don’t know when in 2002 they’ll be available yet, but Masters of the Wild (for Druids, Rangers and Barbarians) and Tooth and Claw (for playing humaniods, perhaps?) should be next.

Prize Alert. Prize Alert.
You Red Dwarf fans out there will appreciate that a Prize Alert is slightly less dangerous than a Purple Alert, but more serious than a Blue Alert. Err… sorry.

Head over to the competitions page at Why? Well, I’ll let them tell you:

The Fiction & Fantasy Network are running a series of competitions, starting with two cool prizes. The first is a complete Warhammer: Vampire Counts army donated by The second is two signed copies of Junk from Dark Omen Games.