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Gaming News Update – KublaCon 2011 with Paizo Publishing and Free RPG Day

Friday, June 17th, 2011

At long last, we’ve posted our two interviews from KublaCon 2011. Now you can listen to each Gaming News Update episode in glorious… um, audio. First up is Jason Bulmahn of Paizo Publishing – the master of Pathfinder tells us all about the newly-released Ultimate Magic, the upcoming Ultimate Combat, and mentions other projects, including the recently announced Pathfinder prepainted miniatures from WizKids.

Next, you’d better get pumped up for Free RPG Day, because the fifth anniversary of the event is tomorrow! To that end, Aldo Ghiozzi of Impressions and Free RPG Day tells us about this year’s goodies, the best ways to support and enjoy the event, and a tie-in with this year’s Origins Game Fair (next week!).

Be sure to visit OgreCave’s Facebook page to check out our KublaCon image gallery. While you’re there, become a fan – we’ll be giving away a few prizes this summer, but if you’re not a fan, you get nuthin’.

Days of Wonder Announces $10K Contest for the Design of a New Ticket to Ride Map

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

To celebrate next year’s 10th Anniversary of the hit Days of Wonder game Ticket to Ride, Days of Wonder is holding a huge contest. They are offering a $10,000 prize for the best fan-created entry in a contest to design a new map for TTR. The winner’s map will be included in the Ticket to Ride Map Collection to be introduced at Essen Spiel 2011. Complete contest details are on the Days of Wonder website.

Voting begins in Windhammer Prize gamebook competition

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

The third year of the Windhammer Prize competition is now underway. Five short gamebooks are available for free download, and you can vote to determine which author wins the cash prize! If you’re a fan of solo adventures, take the time to check it out here. If you’re really ambitious, perhaps you’ll be inspired to start planning an entry for next year’s competition!

Paizo’s Jason Bulmahn offers bribe to Facebook fans

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

After sweeping the ENnies, you’d think Paizo’s Jason Bulmahn would be ready to relax and celebrate. Not entirely: he’s currently running a contest challenging Pathfinder fans to push his Facebook page up to having 1,000 people “like” it before the end of Gen Con on Sunday. If the goal is reached, all of his Facebook fans will 12,000 words of free Pathfinder material. Even if his page doesn’t reach the 1k mark, Bulmahn plans to offer up some material to those who helped the effort. As of this post, 853 people “like” his page – head on over, click the “like” button, and help the Pathfinder community.

This just in from This Just In From Gen Con, Friday 11 AM 2010

Friday, August 6th, 2010

It seems the technical difficulties have been resolved, and shows are flowing again, so now we have show notes for the Friday 11 am show. Guests Darren Watts and Jennifer Brozek lend a hand for the Friday morning show.

  • Ryan swears! Crap!
  • Fat Patrol and Felicia Day. No relation whatsoever.
  • Jennifer, Ed Greenwood, and others read a really bad book… out loud.
  • Ryan ran some Mythender. Darren recounts the tale of when Luchadore masks got him thrown out of a bar a few Gen Cons ago.
  • The Authors’ Alley has yet to provide @jenniferbrozek with a Twitter contest winner.
  • Darren’s splitting his time between Hero Games, the GPA, and IPR.
  • Geeky Pinups, and the Weregeek webcomic.
  • Ryan predicts the Dresden Files RPG will sell out at the show.
  • DC Adventures: Hero’s Handbook. Awesome layout guys are mentioned: Hal Mangold, Fred Hicks, and Adam Jury.
  • Wizards is doling out Dark Sun at the rate of 100 books/day.
  • Free Market again.
  • The Evil Hat PDF Guarantee: people like it.
  • Grants Pass didn’t make the show, which happened to Gameplaywright’s The Bones at Origins.

I’ll have the next batch of notes up in a bit.

Days of Wonder Approaches 20 Million Games Played, Plans Apple iPad Giveaway

Friday, June 18th, 2010

To commemorate the 20 millionth game that will soon play out on the Days of Wonder Online digital board games network, Days of Wonder announced its best Online Giveaway yet. In a nod to its recent release of the best selling Small World for iPad digital board game on the App store, Days of Wonder will be giving away a new Apple iPad Wi-Fi 16 GB, and a copy of Small World for iPad, to the winner of its 20,000,000th game. Additionally, all other participants in that 20,000,000th game will receive a nice consolation prize – an 8GB Apple iPod Touch. All Days of Wonder Online members are eligible to participate in this giveaway by playing any Days of Wonder Online games including: the Ticket to Ride series, Gang of Four, Fist of Dragonstones, or Queen’s Necklace.

Ticket to Ride World Championships Broadcast on June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18th, 2010

The Ticket to Ride World Championship will take place on June 19 in the Musée de la Carte à Jouer (Card Game Museum) in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. Days of Wonder held national and regional competitions around the globe to find the best TTR player in the world. Seven total champions were crowned. They are from North America, the Benelux countries, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, and the UK. Those seven champions plus one additional runner-up from North America will compete head-to-head, playing several games on the various maps of Ticket to Ride. The one who performs the best will then be declared Ticket to Ride World Champion and win a trip for two on the legendary Orient-Express. The championship games will be broadcast live by the Tric Trac TV Team and on the Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride World Championship page starting at noon in the GMT+2 timezone. According to a handy internet time converter, this is the equivalent of 6:00 AM EST in the United States on June 19.

Windhammer Gamebook Competition Entering Third Year

Friday, March 5th, 2010

In case you missed out on the first two years, the third annual Windhammer Prize is posting its rules and schedule early to allow plenty of time for writing and judging original gamebooks. While this hasn’t quite reached the scale of the computer-based Interactive Fiction Competition, it’s a similar opportunity to be creative in a medium with a lot of potential, and I hope it keeps growing. Do your part and check it out! Oh, and did I mention the cash prize?

Small World contest winners announced at Days of Wonder

Monday, September 14th, 2009

You may recall the Small World Design Contest that Days of Wonder began a while back. As of today, the winners have been announced, and there are far more of them than expected. As detailed in a supplemental post, the contest winning entries have been brought together into three mini-expansions releasing this year, and a full-sized expansion due in 2010. The first two expansions – The Grand Dames of Small World and Cursed! – will debut at Essen, reaching stores around the same time for $10. A secondary prize winner, Leaders of Small World, will be sent, free of charge, to all those who submitted an entry in the Small World Design Contest, and will be available exclusively from in November for a small shipping fee. The full-sized expansion, Tales & Legends of Small World, was described by DoW as “so impressive that we’re publishing it in 2010 as a separate expansion.” Click the links (or see below) for the details.


Shadowrun 4e offers reward for store shootings

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Shooting pictures, that is. Catalyst Game Labs is offering a “secret prize” to one lucky person as a reward for purchasing Shadowrun: Fourth Edition – 20th Anniversary Edition or Dawn of the Artifacts: Dusk (both hitting stores next week). If you’re interested, pick up your book(s) and get your picture taken at the store with your new game stuff. Send your shots (one with an employee, and one with the store logo) to with the subject “I bought Shadowrun!” by August 18th, and provide your name and the name, address, and email of your local store. Check Catalyst’s Shadowrun page for more info, and make sure your camera’s charged up – you’ve got a “secret prize” to win.

Small World Game Design Contest

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Days of Wonder has a great contest open to hobby game designers and fans of its new Small World game. From now through July 31, Small World fans are encouraged to submit their best Race and/or Special Power designs to Days of Wonder in the hopes of winning the Grand Prize: round-trip train or airfare; accommodations; and €200 in cash to spend at Essen Spiel ’09 in Germany. The winner will also receive 24 copies of a mini game expansion containing their winning work which will be released at Essen. For more information, visit the Small World contest page.

Solve-a-crime contest at Pelgrane Press

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Gamers who are looking forward to Mutant City Blues – the upcoming GUMSHOE system blend of superhero themes and police drama by Robin Laws – should take note of a new contest announced by Pelgrane Press. The Stir Crazy Killing is a Mutant City Blues contest that asks you to read through the evidence of a reality game show murder, and email your conclusions on who did the foul deed. A correct guess could fetch you up to $150 in Pelgrane Press vouchers, all of Pelgrane’s PDF products, and a signed Trail of Cthulhu leatherbound copy. Even if you don’t win it all, Pelgrane plans to give something to every entrant. Isn’t that worth a little sleuthing work? Clues and entry requirements are linked here – interested parties should keep the March 1st deadline in mind.

Paizo looking for another RPG Superstar

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Now in its second year, Paizo Publishing is firing up its RPG Superstar contest again. Last time, the multi-round contest asked budding game authors to submit progressively longer and more elaborate RPG projects, eventually whittling 32 selected entrants down to a final four and their competing adventure proposals. Starting on December 5th (which is the Day of the Ninja – more on that soon), aspiring RPG designers can send in their RPG Superstar submission and vie for the title. In the first round, that entry should be a wondrous item, described in 200 words or less, designed for use with the Pathfinder RPG. Judges Wolfgang Baur of Kobold Quarterly, Necromancer Games co-owner Clark Peterson, and Paizo’s Sean K Reynolds will oversee the proceedings, along with special guest judge appearances by Ed Greenwood and Monte Cook. The full press release below has the details.

Audio Report: Miniatures and fear, sort of

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Since it was recorded just a few days before Halloween, the latest episode of the OgreCave Audio Report naturally focuses on – miniatures? Yep, Mike and I muse on the recent D&D Miniatures news, and on the sorts of miniatures games a cross-training gamer should have on hand. Then we put a bow on our Screams from the Cave event with some Halloween-like games, as well as some thoughts on Monty Python Fluxx and 3:16 – Carnage Amongst the Stars. Be sure to have a listen, and tell us what you think of all this nonsense.

Audio Report: Ogre’s Choice 2008, and prizes!

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

It’s time once again – okay, fine, it’s a bit overdue – for our annual Ogre’s Choice Awards show, wherein all the Cave Dwellers have contributed to the final award nominee and winner selections. Mike, Steve, and I discuss what we liked this past year, which you can read along with on our Ogre’s Choice page. Be sure to listen carefully, and you’ll be rewarded with the details on the Secret Code Contest we’ve put together with the help of four other friendly neighborhood podcasters. Yes, you can win stuff! Click on our new podcast logo, or right here, to peruse the episode index.