Complete Caveman’s Club Book Preview

The gods of Wingnut have smiled upon us again. Here’s a taste of what you’ll be getting in the upcoming Land of Og supplement, The Complete Caveman’s Club Book. No, it’s not just a catalog of clubs – you get Smart Caveman Kits like this one:

Uses seemingly nonsensical and slow body motions to make the world conform to his expectations. Philosophical Smart Caveman becomes obsessed with solving a problem by stroking his chin constantly while looking down at the ground, then slowly lifting his head straight up in the sky. Becoming one with the surroundings, there are supposedly some earth shattering conclusions to be drawn.

ADVANTAGE Since it took Philosophical Smart Caveman such a large amount of time to come to a conclusion, it is only right that the end result is in comparable size. Once per day for every odd level, Philosophical Smart Caveman can either: double his percent chance to succeed a Figure Things Out%, or cut in half his Forget How To%. So, at level three, he could double his Figure Things Out% for two different instances, cut his Forget How To% in half twice, or one of each.

DISADVANTAGE All this brainpower can make a caveman tired. The brain cells have floated away (or maybe it was staring at the sun too long), but all this work puts a constant strain on his health and he receives a permanent “-1” to his Health ability score.

Now how much would you pay? The Complete Caveman’s Club Book hits next month.