Proper use of names, by they for towns or for characters, is tackled in the latest issue of There are also some ideas for speeding up combats, and several other useful tidbits.

Applying a Fresh Beatdown has a new look to accompany the CCG’s latest expansion, Netherworld II: Back Through the Portals. The 145 card set has nearly 100 brand new cards, and promises to shake things up in the Secret War. Glad to see Z-Man Games keepin’ the dream alive. Keep it up, guys.

Nazis and Supertanks
The WWII miniatures game Gear Krieg, by Dream Pod 9, will soon have a role-playing counterpart. In this alternate history, technology took a slight detour into armored mecha, so who knows how the war will turn out? Brings back memories of the Nile Empire and good ole’ Doctor Moebius. Ah, Torg, we hardly knew ye…