Steve Jackson and Wingnut Join Forces

This August, Steve Jackson Games will be relaunching the Car Wars line, starting with a new edition of Car Wars: The Card Game. As part of the second wave of products, SJ Games will work with Wingnut Games to bring you Battle Cattle: The Card Game in September. The two companies announced their joint licencing agreement earlier today, the first step toward better cow/car relations. While we don’t have details on the Car Wars game yet, we can tell you Battle Cattle will be in full-color, have six cow cards and 112 Moo-ve cards, and a rules sheet. And yes, they’ve even answered the question you dared not ask, for fear you would jinx it: “the two games will be completely compatible, allowing you to take your souped-up hot rods out gunning for Bessie… but this time, Bessie shoots back!”