Undermountain Revisited

For those of you who remember the two AD&D boxed sets detailing Undermountain, the immense dungeon under Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms, Wizards has posted details on an old friend. Halaster Blackcloak, the mad archmage who created the deadly caverns and still wanders them, has thirty levels to his name. He also sports the latest in new classes (Archmage, for example) from the upcoming Forgotten Realms Campaign book.

Dead Weird D20
When we last left our heroes, Deadlands D20 was working on the Gunslinger class. This week’s update details a couple of new feats created for the game, Dead Eye and Grim Servant o’ Death, which follow those of the original Deadlands game rather closely.

As for Weird Wars, the seventh update shows us some greens for the Weird Wars miniatures. Another playtest session is also described, confirming that the vehicle and combat rules are fully functional. A change to the language rules is mentioned that makes hiding behind enemy lines considerably more realistic… and risky.