Cards Springing Up Like Weeds

New card games were everywhere at GenCon this year. Let me see what I can remember…

  • The Ebay card game from Journeyman Press looked promising, though uncomplicated.
  • WotC’s Harry Potter CCG had major displays inside the castle, and seemed well designed from a cursory glance at the game. However, $3.29 for an 11-card booster was a bit steep.
  • Decipher’s upcoming Lord of the Rings CCG was shown to a select few. I wasn’t one of them, so I had to settle for the movie trailers and booth babes. Wheee.
  • Third World Games had a large booth to display and demo Firestorm, a sci-fi CCG with four different factions to play. A few packages sold at GenCon had damaged cards in them, and Third World has already instituted a replacement program to keep their customers happy.
  • Jolly Roger Games was selling Dia de los Muertos, a trick-taking game with a lot of skeleton artwork.
  • Our buddies at Looney Labs were giving away promo Fluxx cards that added a new goal to the game: time travel (in reference to Chrononauts,of course).
  • The Dragonball Z CCG had a Humm-Vee with their logos all over it, which was amusing to watch as it drove out of the hall at convention’s end (I’m reminded of a quote from The Tick:“Hey cool — they’ve got a blimp!”). A couple of the cartoon’s voice actors were in attendance.
  • A game called Geeks: The Convention had a huge booth with piles and piles of their single game, about… uh… geeks at a convention.
  • R3 Games was showing off their CTG (Collectable Token Game 🙂 Obsidian Lords,which has a cool name but is rather light on artwork.