Spit, Bailing Wire and Infernal Locomotives

Galloglass Games has made two recent announcements. First of all, their twisted rail game HellRail has returned to print courtesy of Mayfair Games and is now available for sale. Secondly, a new mailing list aimed at discussing the issues involved in publishing cheap card and board games has just been formed. Check out Spit and Bailing Wire at Yahoo! Groups.

Rio Grande Catches Up
After a long silence on their web site, Rio Grande Games has suddenly caught up with things, posting three newsletters in one go! Check out the latest of these newsletters for more information on the new Lord of the Rings game along with Dvonn (an abstract strategy stacking game that’s part of the GIPF series), Shark (a stock market game) and Where’s Bob’s Hat? (a trick-taking card game which would look nice on your shelf next to Eight Foot Llama‘s Who Stole Ed’s Pants?).