Houston, We Have Denial

ICv2 brings the world an official statement from mega-distributor Diamond that . Of course, rumors have been flying at least since Origins about TSR getting sold, and any number of potential buyers have been discussed, so maybe Diamond just lost a bidding war. (Doing my part to keep the mill running… don’t mind me…)

They’re Baaaaaack
Marvel is getting back into CCGs. I also saw a headline somewhere that said they were profitable again. I guess this will take care of that.

Is That A Heat Dial Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?
I’m pretty sure this hasn’t been all over the news already, anyway… WizKids just put up a page with a picture of the new Mage Knight-style BattleTech minis, and a whole lot of text, most of which seems to describe how much stuff is going to stay the same in the New Mech Order. [okay, so allan technically posted the link already – dammit] They’ve also posted an online-exclusive BattleTech short story.