Collectible Miniatures, True Believers!

Wiz Kids’ kung fu is superior. Having just recently gained the license to make a CMG similar to Mage Knight that’s based on DC Comics properties, they have now gained the license to do the same for Marvel Comics. The rules to the Marvel CMG will be written by the lead designer of D&D 3’s Dungeon Master’s Guide,Monte Cook. While the two games will be separate, and won’t be compatible with Mage Knight or the upcoming Battletech CMG, the super-powered characters willbe able to take on each other. My god… it’s like the Secret Warscombined with Crisis on Infinite Earths,only more expensive and painted in China.

While you wait for the Battletech CMG, DC CMG, and Marvel CMG, you can check out the beta rules for large scale Mage Knight battles (at the bottom of their downloads page). That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Massive warfronts of figures. Two hundred… and forty dollars… worth of Mage Knight. Awww yeaaah.

Adkison Buys Back Primal Order
Ryan Dancey posted this interesting tidbit to the OGL-D20 email list:

Peter [Adkison] recently signed a deal to take back the Primal Order from WotC. If he gets time in the next few years, I suspect he’ll probably re-write parts of it and release it again.

In case you missed it, Primal Orderwas conceived as a “cap system” that would fit on top of (nearly) any RPG, fleshing out the rules for deities. With Primal Order,gods don’t just think they’re badasses, they are. No, really.

Games Unplugged Unchanged
The Games Unplugged website is still in a holding pattern, not showing anything more than the latest magazine cover. Oh, and a message saying “Come back in 5 days” that’s been posted for going on 7 days now.