Conventions Looming on Horizon

Just when you thought the cons were done and you could settle into your normal routine, a new swarm of ’em arrives to lure you out into the light once again.

  • DragonCon strikes this weekend, August 31 – September 3 in beautiful downtown Atlanta. Wish I were going again this year, but alas, I cannot.
  • Troll Lord Games is holding Troll Kon LVII at the Family Games Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, on October 5 – 7. Though a smaller event, Troll Kon boasts a $1,000 Magic tournament, RPGA games of D&D 3, and “a First Edition AD&D game run by Ernie Gygax.”
  • FlatCon, happening September 22 – 23 in Bloomington, IL, already has some impressive guests: Gary Gygax, Lee Bansen (of Pinnacle), Rob Stone (of Citizen Games), and… uh… Chainmail Girl. So that’s what her name is.
  • If you can’t (or won’t) leave the house, try CyberCon 2, the second occurance of the entirely online game convention, taking place October 19 – 21. CyberCon is now a quarterly event, so more than ever, you can get your gaming on without getting your clothes on.

Movie Diversion
We interrupt your regularly scheduled gaming to bring you this tidbit: if any of you were considering renting that recent Heath Ledger movie A Knight’s Tale, read this review first. It may be more entertaining than the movie itself. The review title alone is worth the look.