Early Preview of Victorian Age Vampire

White Wolf has set the release date for Victorian Age Vampire as October 2002. Can’t wait for a look? Tough, the book doesn’t exist yet. However, Justin Achilli’s outline for authors is up for everyone to look at, and should stir up some excitement. Looks like it will be another winner.

Green Ronin Website Improvements
Green Ronin announced some impending improvements to the company’s website: “Currently in development are an online store, an improved gallery, and a review tracking system so you can read what everybody has to say about our products before you buy them.” In the meantime, Green Ronin is keeping busy by going to GenCon UK and continuing to roll out the D20 hits.

Map Tile Download
SkeletonKey Games, who specialize in magnetic map tiles, has a new map download you can grab. You can expect a new map each week, so keep checking back. These tile sets are great — write on ’em with dry erase markers, adding pools of blood and dismembered limbs everywhere, then wipe ’em off. Gotta love it.