Give Your Characters A Dancing Lesson

Atlas Games announced the next product in their Penumbra line of D20 adventures, The Last Dance by Chris Aylott. In this scenario, adventurers get pulled into a ghostly dance from the past, and must change history or become permanent members of the performance. Boasting an artifact that amplifies magic, a creature that feeds on it, and sorcerous music as well, characters are sure to get their hit point’s worth. Arriving in November, the 40 page adventure will be for levels 4-6, and retail for $9.95.

The Game In The Brown Paper Wrapper
What kind of RPG is so over the edge, pushing the boundaries so far, that it wasn’t announced ahead of time and won’t be in stores? It’s described as a “16-page book … in a brown wrapper that’s covered with warnings.” Vigilante, aimed at liberal-minded adult gamers, isn’t even trying to get onto store shelves. Instead, Steve Jackson Games is selling it exclusively through their online store, though you may be able to get one at DragonCon or WorldCon this weekend. If you dare! (**cue spooky music**)