Bohn Apetite

German company Lookout Games has produced a 33 card expansion to the classic bidding game Bohnanza. Designed by Uwe Rosenberg, Mutabohn will allow bean growers (aka the players) to mutate existing crops. Ah, genetic meddling. Gotta love it. Just like their previous expansion, High Bohn, Lookout has decided Mutabohn will be a limited expansion (with a print run of 2,500).

Citizen Redesign
Citizen Games, making an appearance at ConQuest this weekend, has redesigned their site. On top of that, the company announced that playtesting for Wild West Adventure (a D20 RPG) is in full swing, and the D20 adventures The Secret at Greenrock and Castle Dunmere will be in stores this month after a slight delay.

I Wanna Roc
The first D20 release from Roc Games is now available. Called Olduvai’s Test, the adventure involves a test the characters must pass in order to gain an audience with a powerful wizard. The adventure is for 4-6 characters of first or second level.