Ryan Dancey Leaves WotC, Starts Organized Play

We only found out about this when we listened to Gaming Report’s audio interview, but apparently Dancey’s company was announced at GenCon. Unclear why there hasn’t been more news about this, although it’s possible that we’re just blind and missed it. He’s apparently continuing to do lots of work for D20, including seeing Master Tools out the door, as a consultant. The new company, called Organized Play, will handle other companies’ league stuff and such. This is apparently partly motivated by WotC’s inability to keep RPGA running without outsourcing it (that’s my interpretation). Dancey has now left, it being September, and will be the “voice of the OGL,” at least for a while.

I’d also like to say that I wish OgreCave had something like Gaming Report’s system of excerpting articles on the front page, just so we could have moments of brilliance like the one currently in GR’s upper-left-hand corner (right above the audio links). It’s the one headlined “Am I Wasting My Time?” Just check out the way it’s truncated. I’m sure that sentence continues, although it’s possible that it’s a character-based truncation and they cut off the period. But I’m sure it’s not. Really.