OgreCave’s GenCon and Pennsic Features

Okay, you’ve waited long enough, so we’ve finally compiled the news posts from GenCon into one big review. We’ve also added our photo galleries, with more than fifty images to peruse. Sound good? Then go relive the granddaddy of game conventions in our GenCon 2001 feature.

And as an added surprise, our intrepid SCA correspondent Owen Fletchyr (Colin Adams) has put together a quick review of this year’s Pennsic gathering. Pennsic is to the SCA what GenCon is to gaming, so get off your butt and look at the Pennsic 2001 feature.

Vigilante Not a Game
A few readers have emailed us with the warning that SJ Games’ Vigilante is not a game. Call it social commentary, call it art, but don’t call it a game. Apparently, among the many warnings on the cover is one most of us missed: “It says it is a game. It is NOT a game. It lies.” Still potentially entertaining, but not playable. (Thanks go to Jayson, the first to let us know.)