Card Game Quickies

First, for those of you who never touch the scroll bar, we’ve got a PayPal donation box set up down there. Go stare at it. Second, speaking of PayPal, they’ve set up a really easy way to give money to the Red Cross. But, if it’s a choice between those two, ours is obviously more important.

I just picked up Car Wars: the Card Game, the reprint of the old favorite. I can’t tell if the card graphics have changed at all since the original, but I’d be willing to bet they have. This one’s full color – the old one wasn’t, right? But it all looks pleasantly ’80s-retro. The two included Battle Cattle cards have the exact same look, which is damned hilarious. Also, I should note that I’ve now played the new “third perdition” of HellRail, and it kicks so much ass it could be a schoolteacher during an earthquake drill. (You know, with all those little kids ducking and covering…) I’d say HellRail has a perfect balance of luck and control, diplomacy and strategy. And it’s funny. Buy it already!

Currently on deck here at the Cave is a short review of Weep, a collection of scenarios for Unknown Armies. Also, I’ve been sitting on a half-finished review of the Teenagers from Outer Space supplement The Landing for too long. So, be looking for those. And it dawned on us recently that we’ve never actually reviewed anything D20. Anyone wanna recommend a good candidate?