Carve Some Runes on That D20

In light of the tragic events that took place on the east coast today, I’ll do my best to overcome the shock of it all and distract you with game news. Okay, now turn away from the TV news. Look at the monkey! Look at the silly monkey!

Our friends at Atlas Games inform us that Chris Aylott, author of the Rune RPG expansion encounter Crouching Wizard, Smashing Hammer, has drawn up some conversion notes for transferring the adventure to the D20 System. The converted adventure is for characters of 1-3, and still features all the viking goodness you’ve come to expect from Rune.

And It Won An Oscar, So It Must Be Fun
The latest announcement from Mongoose Publishing brings news of the company’s November release, Gladiator – Sands of Death. A complete D20 sourcebook for arena combat and the culture around it, the 80 page book brings lethal rules into play. In particular, watch for the Death Move feat, chariot rules, and a complete D20 game where players groom their slaves for glory or death. Methinks Ridley Scott would approve.

Plunge Into The Abyss
Green Ronin will continue to channel otherworldly energies with Armies of the Abyss, the second volume in their Book of Fiends series. More than 50 nasty demons will parade through the supplement’s pages, complimenting the demons Green Ronin has already loosed upon the gaming world. Retailing at $14.95, and with cover art by Brom, Armies is targeted for a January release.

Xro Dinn Coming From Ionian Games
Ionian Games Studio announced their sci-fi RPG, The Xro Dinn Chronicles, will reach stores in November. This will mark the first time Xro Dinn has been available through retail stores, previously only available by direct order or at conventions. The game “takes place 50,000 years after a great war that all but annihilated the sentient beings in the galaxy. It revolves around one of the surviving races which watches over and chronicles the events of the new races coming to power.”